Monday, January 17, 2011

reward myself

For the past 1 week..I have been busying myself with books. I have exam. This weekend was really 'me into book' with Wani. I am happy to have friends surround me and give me support.
Really appreciate it.
After one exam, rasa macam nak reward me and friends. Food of course the best thing ever.
Oh, btw just started to watch Secret Garden walaupun orang semua dah abis.
i'm quite a big slacker. That's the way I am. Suke out of trend. My bad..but it is just me. Maybe being in-trend is not just me. Seperti trend hana tajima skrang ni..still..not into me..tapi bila dah out dated..i'll be into it( who knows..haha)
Being a slacker is a big part that is not good in me I guess. Ok dah merapu meraban..

ok reward time:
Blueberry Muffin with Cream cheese frosting. I bet..recipe campak2 ni sedap. Up to yourself utk sukatan. Yang penting butter,cream cheese, whipped cream and sugar..yummy

Sila abaikan cream yang disalut tak berapa comel itu. Yang penting rasa dari rupa:P


MsIka said...

sedapnyaaaaaaaaaaaaa :DDD

budak _kecik said...

try laaaa..mcm dh mkn je dia.haha


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