Sunday, April 24, 2011

xbox kinect

because it is simplt THE BEST!!!

I am not a gamers..but since me and friends usually hang out to play Wii at our friends house.. I think holding a controller while dancing is very uneasy..

So, I decided to buy xbox kinect. But usually price in Euro is abit pricey compared to pound. Yesterday I went to Belfast trying to get the best deal for Kinect. We went to 3 different stores, Argos, PC World and Game Stop.

The best deal I could get is from Game Stop. It is doing offer at the right time!!!
Argos: xbox 250Gb + kinect + 1 controller + game(adventure) =£304
PC World: xbox 250Gb + kinect + 1 controller + game(adventure) + 1 game(your selection)=£299
Game Stop: xbox 250Gb + kinect + 1 controller+ 4 games + 1 rechargeble battery(i add myself) = £296

Game Stop still cheap right???

1) it is FUN. Especially with friends and family.

2) It is for EXERCISE

3) I like DANCING

4) I lives in Kedah. So, i usually stay at home because there is no Mid Valley or KLCC to do shopping. I stay with my sisters and brothers and I think this is the best way to stay entertained.

5) I assume this is worth buying

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