Thursday, April 7, 2011

is cortisol good??

I miss blogging but 4th year in medical school makes me more tiring physically and mentally..
Who ever said medicine is easy..u have to go through it then you know..I wonder why a lot of people wanna go into medicine..there is no more kisah ibu mertuaku..ahli muzik??majistret??lawyer??
Nowadays, whenever you have talent, courage and can be success
A photoghrapher can be a successful shopping now is getting more popular and profitable..why take medicine??
This just increases my cortisol level...

What is cortisol? Meh nak ajar..pasal tengah belajar psychiatry sekarang..One contributable factor in depression is high cortisol level. Cortisol is one of the hormone. Bila stress..lagi banyak cortisol keluar..Cortisol can be good but it also can be bad..

Cortisol keeps you awake and energetic. At night, usually cortisol level is that our body feels tired and we can sleep:))))
Early in the morning, the level will be high, so we can wake and do works:)

If cortisol level is high and too long in the body, it can destroy us. BOLEH DEPRESSED!
Tadi belajar, masa pregnant, cortisol not only from us but from the baby. Sebab tu mak mengandung boleh aje depressed. Hormone dia tak menentu...

Kalau nak exam pun cortisol INCREASE! I need a drive to make me study now!
Is cortisol good or bad? You have to control it yourself. But remember, depressed is not only from cortisol..lots of other things can contribute.
Apa pun..dekatkan diri denganNya dan banyak-banyak baca quran...
Camne nak nasihat kat patient mat saleh..patut la ramai yang sakit jiwa..they are lacking of belief and faith..

Ok sebenarnye takde keje citer pasal cortisol...dadaaaa~

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Fatein Wan Omar said...

aimi, sy pun rasa benda yg sama masa buat psych. rasa nak nasihat "ingat tuhan, byk2 istighfar selawat, doa" hehe. kl kat mesia, mesti dah kuar la dialog nih!


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