Sunday, January 3, 2010

~~Vienna-part 2~~

BK ke Vienna naik took about 2 and half hours...
Masa smpi Vienna tu..dia ckp train tpksa stop n cant further to another station because of heavy snow storm..luckily..train station yg dia stop tu was our xyah pikir2 lgi..
sblum tu ada day kat Vienna..BK dh sakit kaki sgt sbb sejuk n rasa mcm frostbite and i cant stand it..actually our train to Budapest was at 12p.m but i couldnt make it sbb pencarian mencari was my terlepas train tu and terpaksa la naik next train which was at 2p.m
But,i'm quite glad sbb dpt boots bru yg menyelamatkn kaki espirit gitu..hihi
BK put some random pics when i was in Vienna ok...enjoy to look at them yea!

credit to ummi for the eye make-up(menghabiskn masa dlm train dgn benefitnye.hihi)

kanak2 yg teruja dgn pokok love..hehe..saranghae <3

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