Tuesday, June 14, 2011

post exam: phase 1

just about finishing 1st phase of the exam..i tell u medic is not easy..jgn la amik klu x nak mata macam panda..makan x keruan..butterfly always in stomach...berat kepala nak igt sume..Tapi kalau dah amik tu takkn nk half way..just do our best! After the last written paper, me n friends went to Yamamori..yesss i like japanese, korean, chinese or what so ever makanan from org2 yang mata sepet2 nih..hehe..beronggeng kejap..sehari je..then sambung study balik..doakan kitorang..

SEAFOOD RAMEN: seafood with miso flavour broth

SEAFOOD TEMPURA: softshell crab,prawn,squid

NORIMAKI: crispy softshell crab,avocado,capelin roe

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