Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eid Mubarak

Selamat Hari raya to all of my family and friends. Bless to Allah as He still gave us chance to go through Ramadhan kareem..and insyaAllah another chance to celebrate Eidul Fitri.

Ramadhan this year is very simple to it is the only month for us to train ourselves. I really hope to become a better person in every way especially my ad-din.. I know I've been far away from the true way..let's keep do'a for me and others.

I really miss my family and friends. seriously and no joke at all..celebrating raya in 'perantauan' with small group of people is very unhappy moment.I miss cooking rendang, folding ketupat, playing 'bunga api' and 'mercun' although they're illegal..they're actually bring the happiness.

Until now..I never ever trying to listen to 'hari raya' song..I dont want my tears going down...wishes from friends through fb already makes me touched.

Thanks every u all always

1 comment:

ash said...

along..jgn r sdh2...kami pn sama ja feeling mcm along...rasa kekurangan..x mcm dulu...just ala kadar..mama pun dah lama x dengar lagu raya..igt lagi wkt first raya wkt along first fly p dublin..abg bkk lagu raya..mama mrh..mama suruh tutup...sampai lah kelmarin baru mama nk dengar lagu raya...may be mama dah terubat rindu lepas along balik cuti baru2 ni..huhuhu


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