Friday, July 22, 2011

Travel tips: LONDON

Here are some tips. I know i'm not a good travel guide but this is from my experiences.
Yes. London sangat senang nak jalan. I like the frequency and availability of the tube as transport. But now they are doing some repairs due to the up coming Olympic in 2012. Otherwise, very good.

BE PREPARED. If you do it,it will make your holiday easier. Do it in words or excel. Up to u. I like to do it in table. Put the date, place to go, and how to get there.
Here are some places that i visited and the closest tube station.

Big ben : Westminster station
London eye : Waterloo (closest), Westminster, Charing cross station
Tower bridge : tower hill station
Buckingham palace : Victoria station
Madame Tussaud : Baker street station
Trafalgar square : Charing cross (closest), Leicester square, picadilly circus,
embankment station
Harrods : Knightsbridge station
Oxford street : Oxford circus

Food is very cheap. Dont convert if your currency is not pound, but still cheaper compared to other places. About Halal food, you can get lots at bayswater. Go to the Bayswater station. There also got Malaysian food at Malaysian Hall. Plus, u can get Halal Subway at Bayswater!

We stayed at Travelodge. 30pounds per night during summer is cheap for me. It is better than hostel. It is a budget hotel. I booked at Kings Cross. PLUS, at the King's Cross tube station you can take picture of the Harry Potter's Platform 9 3/4.

We were so lazy to drive, hence we took a bus tour. We went to Stonehedge, Roman Bath and Windsor Castle. I took the Golden Tours.The package is 70 pounds pp for all admission to those places. It was AWESOME. The tourist guide also was so funny ( a bald guy..still remember him! haha). It is recommended.

During summer, bring sunglasses, sunblock, it is very hot and u can easily get sunburn!!!

Some pictures to be shared:)
Windsor Castle

Roman Bath

Madame Tussaud: Marilyn Monroe:)

Stonehedge: It is smaller from what I imagined. Lol!

Tower Bridge

Tetibe sume in nak citer jalan-jalan..tetibe mcm wikipedia puler..ngee~

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