Friday, May 13, 2011


This is very random but deeply from my heart
I dont know how people value a friendship

How do you value a friend or friendship??

1) Friend is the person we share happiness

2) Friend is the person we rely on when we were in terrible situation

3) Friend is the person we share interest together ( eating or cooking or shopping together)

4) Friend is the person who never lie and is the mirror of me ( berterus terang..x hipokrit la)

6) Friend is the person who is with us especially in during our rainy day

I treat my friends the way i want them treat me.

1) I'm kind to them because i want them to be kind to me

2) I help them because I know someday I might need their help too

3) I never cheat on them because I dont want them to cheat on me

It is simple. It is like cycle. What goes around comes around

I don't know how people value friend or friendship.
Maybe some of them dont value the friendship like how i value. Some of them just the other way round. I feel sad when they just breach my trust. I dont know how long I can stand.

Some of them value friend as:
1) Just to complement their goal

2) Whenever benefit them

3) Baseline

They just being egoistic. Allah knows what they do. Allah do shows some to me. Alhamdulillah.

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